21 Feb
At The Lotus Temple

Today after a very long time visited the Baha’i House of Worship in Delhi which is inspired by the lotus flower thus also famously known as the Lotus Temple.

Briefly about the Baha’i Faith – an independent world religion which is all embracing, upholding the unity of God, Unity of Religion and Unity of Mankind. The common characteristic if Baha’i Houses of Worship is that they are all nine-sided; nine being the highest digit and symbolizes comprehensiveness, oneness and unity.

Visiting the Lotus temple is like entering a peace filled zone in the hub of all the chaos as always in the main temple or meditation hall, a few minutes spent in silence in contemplation and meditation are enough to leave a serene feeling and totally rejuvenated.

Do add this beautiful place to your plans whenever you are visiting Delhi – a place surely to make your holiday special!

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