21 Feb
Periyar Lake jungle walk

It’s summer time and although Periyar is cooler than very many other places, during the day it is hot and sticky as we walk through the periphery of the forest along the banks of lake Periyar. As we are walking in silence listening to our jungle guide, I am contemplating my previous visits to Periyar and Thekkady which were limited to the boat rides and a bit of spice walks. This time, I am on holiday and wanted to explore more, thus, the decision to go for the jungle walk.

It is absolutely quiet as we walk through tall grass, under the trees with bees humming around us, birds chirping, our guide points at some butterflies that are fluttering around, there is a huge old banyan tree which appears as a saviour to everything possible under its branches as we walk along we see   mushrooms growing on the ground. All this is very surreal. We know we will be back soon in our chaotic noisy world but this is a moment to savour.

We are enjoying our walk when the guide asks us to wait and be still, we are super excited and go quiet, nearby there is a herd of elephants grazing. If we are quiet and lucky we would be able to see them. Lo and behold, yes we see them, we have all seen elephants before also in the wild but this time it is different, we are trespassing, we are in their home and feels like we are invading their privacy. But it is a sight to watch along with a calf; we just keep quiet as we see them graze and then they wander off.

It is time to return back to the outside world with some lasting impressions and serenity that we found. It is just the kind of morning for a Holiday Made Special.

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