Everybody loves travelling, right?
We live in a world dominated by technology, entertainment, food, and most importantly, travel. And if there’s one thing you could spend more of your time doing, it would have to be ‘Travel’ - exploring a new place and experiencing something for the very first time!

And who can blame you? It’s the kind of lifestyle everyone only wishes they could have, right!
Visiting monuments, scaling mountains, adventures into the unknown and soaking up diverse cultures is all you could want to do all day, every day!

Sounds like you are ready to take your passion for traveling to the next level. So, what better place than India to explore! If you are someone who’s planning to pursue their love for travel around India, then there are some things you need to know, before you make the initial leap.

And why is that, you may wonder?
Because this country is full of surprises; so you should know exactly what you’re in for!
And while many are interested and plan on traveling here, very few actually visit. So I've decided, from my personal experience, to make an itinerary of the places in India that anyone and everyone should explore. Not only are these places of India divinely beautiful, the culture here is so diverse and different that it will never fail to excite, educate and amaze you.

I, Anuranjani - mother, wife, wanderlust lover, travel guru and experienced adventurer, will guide you all along the way, to make your trip worthwhile!

What I Specialize In?

I offer unbiased unadulterated travel advice without sugar-coating it.
Unlike travel agents, I only plan your itinerary, departure to departure!
I focus on the minute details and do not sell travel packages or hotel bookings.
I only make travel recommendations on your personal preferences, based on my understanding and experience of holidays in India.
I familiarize you with realities of your travel.
I do not give or take commissions, but a small fee for my time on the chat with you.
I am not a voice in a device, or a click of a mouse. I am a real person with vast travel experiences and I believe in passing that on to fellow travelers.
I do not organize guided tours, but I can be your friend in need during your travel anywhere around India.
I believe in creating unforgettable memories and experiences for you, and for me.